to prevent the spread of infection
with COVID-19 virus

At Restaurant Manna, we take care of our guests and employees, so in accordance with the current epidemiological situation, we implement the prescribed epidemiological measures and recommendations for catering facilities.

At Manna Restaurant, we ensure that current guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with safeguards to prevent the spread of covid-19 virus infection. In addition, we have taken additional measures to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.


In each room of the restaurant we have installed air purifiers with 5x filter, ionizer and UV light, which ensure clean air at all times.

Help protect all guests and our employees by following the recommendations.
  1. Safety distance: please observe a safety distance of 1,5 m.
  2. Protective mask: The use of a protective mask is mandatory in all public enclosed spaces.
  3. Hand disinfection: we recommend that you disinfect your hands several times.
  4. Cough hygiene: cough / sneeze into a handkerchief or upper sleeve.

Key general principles for preventing the transmission of new coronavirus infection:

  • We participate in catering activities only if we are healthy, without signs and symptoms of acute respiratory infection (such as colds, malaise, muscle aches, fever, cough) and if we meet the condition of PCT (sick, vaccinated, tested)
  • Disinfect your hands on arrival, before and after using the toilets and on departure.
  • We wash our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • If water and soap are not available, disinfect your hands with a dedicated hand sanitizer.
  • Do not touch the face (eyes, nose and mouth) with dirty / unwashed hands.
  • A sufficient interpersonal distance of at least 1,5 to 2 meters is considered.
  • Observe proper cough hygiene (before coughing / sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel or cough / sneeze into the upper part of the sleeve). Dispose of the paper towel after each use and then wash your hands with soap and water.
  • In times of increased respiratory infections and the COVID-19 epidemic, we avoid large numbers of people indoors.
  • Indoor rooms should be thoroughly ventilated several times a day.
  • When moving and staying indoors, taking into account maintaining a sufficient interpersonal distance, use face masks or other forms of oral and nasal protection (scarf, scarf or similar form of protection) covering the nose and mouth during an epidemic.
  • Additional instructions

  • Be sure to disinfect your hands when arriving at the restaurant. Hand disinfectants are installed at the entrance to the restaurant, at the bar and in the toilets.

  • Indoors, the restaurant is e.g. when arriving at the table, leaving the table, and when using the toilets, it is obligatory to use a face mask or other form of protection of the oral and nasal area, which the guests then take off safely.
  • The bread is served on a plate without linen napkins, as this is the only way to ensure disinfection (instead of a basket) before the arrival of each new guest.
  • After each departure of the guest from the restaurant, we set the table with a new set of tablecloths and tablecloths.
  • We are happy to bring disinfected salt shakers, pepper shakers, olive oil and price lists to the table. Please ask the waiter for them.
  • In order to ensure a suitable distance between the guests, we have some tables in the restaurant marked with the inscription "NOT IN USE". Please sit at the table only with the approval of the waiter.
  • All exposed places in the restaurant (toilets, hooks, doors, worktops, bars, etc.) are disinfected every hour.

Questions and answers

When can I take off my mask in a restaurant?

From the first entry into the restaurant until you sit at a table assigned to you / reserved for you, as a guest you must follow the statutory minimum distance rule to other people who are not in your group of visitors and wear mechanical protection covering your mouth and nose indoors. Of course, mouth and nose protection is not necessary when eating and drinking - but you must use it again as soon as you leave the table as a guest, even for the use of toilets. More details on the measures in the restaurant can be found at the bar.

Does the restaurant provide protective mouth and nose masks?

In principle, every citizen is already equipped with a mouth and nose protection mask in accordance with the legal regulations of the relevant state government (use of public transport / areas, etc.). If the guest has forgotten the protective mouth and nose mask, disposable mouth and nose protective masks are available at the bar against payment.

Can you ensure a safe distance between guests?

Of course, in accordance with the hygiene recommendations of the NIJZ for the implementation of tourism and hospitality activities in the period after the covid-19 epidemic, we take into account the safety distance, and we have also defined clear standards and guidelines for reliable provision. We always sit the guest as far as possible from other guests, in one of our three summer gardens and terrace or. inside the restaurant where we have four separate rooms.

Can you wash my face mask?

Due to strict hygiene regulations, we cannot offer cleaning services for fabric masks. 

What hygiene measures do you take to prevent the virus from spreading in the restaurant?

We have implemented comprehensive guidelines for the highest hygiene standards in all areas of our restaurant. Our employees receive ongoing training and instruction to maintain these high standards. The responsible manager checks compliance with the guidelines on a daily basis. Not only do we strictly follow the recommendations of the NIJZ and national legislation, but we also update them with further measures such as: workers work in a team, each time the same workers together, at least 3 hours before the opening of the restaurant all rooms are well ventilated and throughout the day , we have air ionizers with 5x filters and uv light installed in all rooms, we clean the carpets every day with a water deep vacuum cleaner (so it is placed in front of the kitchen entrance during the day), we cover it again with new tablecloths and tablecloths, etc.…