The minimum amount of using the voucher in the Manna Restaurant is EUR 50,00 and you can use it for ours Restaurant offerBistro offer but for Offer food at home

If you use a voucher worth EUR 100,00 or more in a restaurant or bistro, we will serve you a free bottle of premium Rose Mann.

 To redeem the voucher, it is necessary to fill in the form below - with this the reservation is CONFIRMED or booked through our ON-Line system, on arrival or delivery of food must be provided identity card or passport of voucher beneficiaries.

If you use vouchers for Offer food at home it is enough to select the payment with Voucher21 when choosing the method of payment and enter the name and surname of the voucher user and his EMŠO number under additional information.

You do not need to fill in the forms for using vouchers, because we fill them out for you, you just sign up!