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Chicken fingers

At the checkout you will be able to choose the date and time of delivery or. takeover.
Freshly fried chicken sticks in punk crumbs with fried potatoes and homemade tartar sauce.

Octopus from the oven with side dishes

We don't have to go to the sea, it doesn't have to be summer, we can conjure up the taste and smell even in the middle of winter ovens s octopus, as from baking. At the checkout you will be able to choose the date and time of delivery or. takeover. Like all our products, this one is made exclusively to order and will be delivered to you completely freshly prepared. We use the highest quality octopuses (Spain / Morocco), which are first cooked in a vacuum, quickly grilled and placed on half-cooked potatoes, fried vegetables and add a delicious octopus sauce.

Risotto with chanterelles and…

Risotto with chanterelles, zucchini, parmesan and prawns or prosciutto

Crab ravioli

Homemade crab ravioli with dune ink, au gratin mussels, delicious shrimp sauce and roasted prawns

Deer goulash

Deer goulash is a hunting specialty that, with its uniqueness, attracts gourmets on the one hand, and people eager for new tastes on the other. Cook the goulash slowly so that the meat is soft and juicy, so that it melts in your mouth. We use Slovenian deer meat (thigh) from the supplier Meglen from Strug.

Black dune risotto with canisters

Black risotto is an Adriatic specialty that, in addition to excellent taste, also leaves its special "colorful" mark on the tongue.

36 hours in a vacuum-cooked suckling pig cheekbones

Have you ever eaten pork cheeks? It may sound a little strange, to some it may even be disgusting. But you won’t believe how good that is. They contain a lot of collagen, which when slowly prepared turns into that: "mmmm" and the meat just melts in your mouth. You don't even need a knife, because the meat just falls apart with a light touch of a fork.
60 min

Meat pie

100% angus minced meat in bread with poached egg, 300g ⇒ Meat reduction, 150ml ⇒ Stuffed yellow kohlrabi with chickpea cream, 1 piece
Orders for the current day are accepted until 18 p.m. (delivery in take over is until 19.30 pm and on Sundays until 16 pm)
We deliver within a radius of 30 km from the Manna restaurant

Chestnut gnocchi with pumpkin

Do you like chestnuts? Instead of always enjoying it only cooked or. roasted we have prepared real chestnut gnocchi for you.