Food delivery to the company

By pre-order, we deliver food to companies for various occasions. All food is prepared just before delivery, so the food is fresh, tasty and also looks great. Canapes and most cold appetizers are served on black trays with lids, which you then just place on the table.

For main dishes we recommend our dishes for several people, such as. Beef or Salmon Wellington for 8-10 people or e.g. Veal leg for 4-6 people and Octopus from the oven for 4-6 people, etc.…, which you just have to cut and serve.

We also offer a 4-course menu for employees, which includes 4 pieces of canapes, salad, beef or salmon wellington with side dish and sauce and dessert. Each employee receives their own package. When ordering, you can also enter the name of the employee for each individual menu, which we then write on the package.

For the selection of menus, we recommend that you consult with us, but you can definitely choose the dishes at your discretion, HERE

Here is an example of a menu for 17 people and approx. 19,00 EUR per person

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